IDC Releases the Industry Security Reports

Cloud computing is one of those technological shifts that triggers enthusiasm and, at the same time, concern for the changes that are occurring. Now that organizations are evaluating implementation of cloud in lieu of cost benefits, concerns like security and budget allocation still remain. Recently, IDC Insights conducted a survey of IT decision makers on their use of cloud. The survey was conducted across 14 countries in Asia/Pacific, Western, Central and Eastern Europe with respondents from the energy, financial services, government, healthcare, manufacturing and retail industries.


The authors of the reports are listed below. Click on their names to view their biographies.


Roberta Bigliani

Gaia Gallotti

Luiza Semernya

Milan Kalal

Financial Services

Cyrus Daruwala

Michael Araneta
Li-May Chew
Li-May Chew

Ho Sui-Jon

Rachel Hunt

Alex Kwiatkowski

Frank Levering
Frank Levering
Jane Duffy
Jan Duffy

Mark Yates
Frank Levering
Jan Petruj


Sash Mukherjee

Silvia Piai

Heather Keyes

Christopher Holmes
Christopher Holmes

William Lee

Wendy Li
Christopher Holmes
Pierfrancesco Manenti

Craig Simpson


Kumar Das

Ivano Ortis

Christine Bardwell

Luca Bonacina

Hana Chmelova

Mark Yates
  • "Cloud computing, together with mobile, Big Data, and analytics, is transforming the utilities IT landscape. New offerings are being introduced in the market on a regular basis, often defining new functional segments and new deployment options."

    Roberta Bigliani, Head, EMEA, IDC Energy Insights
  • "Budget allocation for cloud is not yet a priority for utilities, so it is important to see through the hype and understand how cloud can best be applied to the industry and how to remove barriers for deployment."

    Roberta Bigliani, Head, EMEA, IDC Energy Insights
  • "Given the expectations of many that cloud computing will play a major role in government computing, it is a big surprise that the increases expected in cloud budgets over the next three years are so small."

    Jan Duffy, EMEA Research Director, IDC Government Insights

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